error ;''unable to open stack file''

Hi , I have been working on Catia V6 , I have some Cat parts and Cat product files created in Catia V5 R24 ,now I'm facing A problem with one File ,every time i tried to import errors shows on screen 'Cannot open stack file' ? what does it mean ?
can anyone please provide me a solution on this ?ASAP

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Hi Friend, good morning:

Maybe you can try the following:

1.- Restart your computer. (If so apply).

2.- Maybe I dont know if you can or convert your models I mean 3D in another version, maybe you can copy and paste and save it like (.model) or (.step) and maybe that could help to see in catia V6.

3.- Maybe you can clean your catia in V5 and open catia again, once you had cleaned.
4.- Another thing that you can make, is restart your catia, in V5, in V6 too.
You can clean the following manner, Open the file I ve attached, and follows the steps.

Please let me if that steps, could solutioned your issues.

Have a good day,

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