Exporting from SolidWorks to Ansys and solving structural analysis

I have an complicated geometry that was made in solidworks and i want to have a static analysis in ansys
but i tried many export format like .igs .step. and parasolid...but in generating mesh and in solving i have problems with that....
1-what is the best format to export from solidworks to ansys?
2-is anybody expert in solid?structural analysis here??
i work with solidworks 2013 and ansys 14 and ansys 15

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2 Answers

Best way to export model to ansys in Parasolid format.
All the best

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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately don't exist one answer which if you will respect your geometry will work in ANSYS.
Now, here is 2 possibilities:
- if you already have installed ANSYS on the same computer where you have installed CAD soft, than SW can export directly your geometry in ANSYS through one click (in the SW toolbar you must have an ANSYS icon, and if you already have save the model in SW just click on that icon and than SW will open ANSYS and will add your model on geometry module when you can simplify your model or add some changes which is improper to be made on CAD;
- if you have installed ANSYS on other computer, export from SW your model as parasolid and iges, go to ANSYS and import your model. Start with parasolid, and observe if after import you will have surfaces instead of body. Isolate that body (suppress that body with their corresponding surfaces in ANSYS). Respect the same coordinate system export separate that component which present trouble, and reimport him in ANSYS again respect the same coordinate system as first import. Repeat all this steps also for iges.

I hope is useful for you and helps.
If you have trouble, please attache here images with messages or errors or other details which can offer better idea about what is happens and what is need to do.

Keep in touch.
Best regards.

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