Extract an object from a STEP model?

Does anyone know of a way to select part of a STEP model that has been loaded into Creo and save one or more of the model's objects as a new STEP file?

I'd like to just indicate which object to save separately rather than deleting everything but what I'm interested in. Seems like there should be a direct way to extract objects, but searching Creo online help for "extract" or "explode" gives results for very different functions than this "partial export" function I'm looking for.

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2 Answers

Only a guess based on SolidWorks functionality, but if I select individual bodies of an imported model like a STEP file, then choose Save - As, I can save just the selected bodies out as part of a new file.

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if u import it as assembly u can simply right click on the particular part which u want to work on or whatever...click on OPEN u will be directed to another window of that part.
if u import it as part then u cant
if u can share the screenshot of the file then maybe i could help u out

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