How to extract 3D point co ordinates to an excel sheet from CATIA?

I have the macro to search all the points and extract the co ordinates to an excel sheet, but I would like to do it one by one on selection. Help me out in this.
Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

Hello I work actually on a new development of the famous macro GSD_PointSplineLoftFrom Excel.xls

I hope some peoples can collaborate on this great update.

1- transfert the macro to CATVba file
2- Open Excel file with a dialog box
3- Rebuild the achitecture of geometrical sets as follow:
- Points_1
- Splines_1
- Points_2
- Splines_2
4- add a progress bar for big files
5- Modification of reading the cells in excel sheet without add X and Y and Z but by read the lign as a table.I hope this will reduce the time by three.
For exemple a table with 15000 points run in 10 minutes (too much for users).

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