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Hey guys,
Iv made a part of a thread and cap that I will use as templates in the future. i'm currently in the stage of bringing it into an excisting part. iv used the "Insert part" feature but all of the feature history of the threaded part Iv made isn't visible

1. can I make an assembly with 2 different parts , save them as one and still have the feature history?
2.is there a different way of taking two diffrent a parts combining them and still retain history?

thanks from advance

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2 Answers

1. Not that I'm aware of.

2. The history is still there in the first part, any edits done there will propagate to the downstream parts. The 'Insert part' command is behaving as intended.

If you want to use a part as a template and have future variations, you have 3 choices:

a) make configurations of the variations in the template part and use these in the new downstream parts
b) 'save as copy' the template part with a new name, make the changes, and then make new parts with this new template.
c) the most dangerous way, once you have the downstream part all set forever and ever, you can 'lock' or 'break' references to the template part to stop it from changing with edits to the template part. If you ever want it to update with changes to the parent, you'll have to remember to unlock it.

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1. making an assembly and joining parts together will get you a part without features. To make changes, you'd need to make the changes at the assembly level in Edit Part Mode. Or, you'd need to open each part, edit it, save it, update the assembly, then make sure the changes make it to the final joined file.

Combining two parts is possible, but you will not have a feature tree that allows direct editing of each part.

Be very aware of how parts are related prior to heading down this path. If you modify the original file, all other versions of it will change (unless you have locked or broken the external references)

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