Flexible Assembly, How ?

HI there guys

I have some issue. I have two models one is basically and airfoil and the other one is semi re-entrant cellular structure. Both models are extruded with same distance.
what I want to do is inserting the structure within the airfoil. This requires the structure to be treated as a flexible one just like in real case as the rear part of it will be
compressed and the model will be bent.

So the question is how to do that in Solidworks ?

Thanks ...

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If I understand the issue correctly, I think your only choice will be to make use of the Deform tools in SolidWorks. You can essentially bend and flex a model into another shape. I think it may take a fair amount of trial and error to refit the model into an aerofoil though.
I try an all times to avoid using the deform and bend tools, so the best I can suggest for their use is to see the help file for a sample or two.

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Perhaps it would be necessary to make the wing and the right structure and deform it together. It depends on the feedback needed!

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