For Automotive modeling, What is different between CAD software like Alias, Catia with general 3D software like Maya?

What the different? I see in Maya, Blender, Max we can create the car, airplane, bike, but why CAD like Alias is exist for Automotive?what the purposes?

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Cars are conceptualized in clay models not in Maya/Catia etc. Clay scans are then rectified for final production in ICEM. Other custom made works are doe in Pro/E or catia. Maya, Blenders are for animation content most recently they are used in architectural concepts.
Automotive parts are optimized in the range of 0.01 mm which is why Catia/ProE/ICEM.

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Maya is a multimedia software, but other cad software like solidworks are use to create the things which are based on the principle of physics. i mean to say the think you made in solidworks can made in actualy world , but in maya you can make water , but in actual world you can not make water,

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