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Hi, I’m constraining this assembly of a mechanical iris just as a personal task for myself to get more comfortable and familiar with constraining and I have come across an issue.
For ease I'm just going to call the gears (cogs whatever) by size. So the ‘big one’ is constrained by the bins on the model image I have attached. So it can only be rotated between the spaces provided. All the ratios of the other gears are correct and working fine but when turning the handle I find that even after the big gear has stopped, all the other gears will continue to rotate ‘passing through’ the stationary one. This makes sense because there is no constraint on the model to stop this from happening.
Basically what I'm asking is how you constrain it so all the gears are unable to move when the iris is in its fully open/closed?

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If you are still interesting to find a solution this is on the "inspect" tab with the Activate Contact solver...
But first you have to select the appropriate parts and with right click tick on the "Contact set"
Link below to check...

Merry Christmas mate..

By the way nice model....

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