Help! CAM Software with *.apt extension support.

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a CAM software which exports to an apt extension.
In our company we work with SolidWorks and we need to mill parts in our Fanuc 7-axis arm. We are going to buy the italian "Robinia" software, which can only read the "apt" extension.

We need a CAM software which can read the parametric model to convert it into an apt file, so Robinia can read the "path" and perform the arm moving coordinates.

Detail: The CAM software must support 5-axis interpolated.

I researched some CAM softwares and I found these ones:
CamWorks, BobCAM, SolidCAM, MasterCAM, RhinoCAM, Powermill and CineSystem SUM3D.

Which one should I buy? All of these support apt file? Which software have a strong support in Brazil?

Thank you so much!

Best regards and Merry Christmas!

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3 Answers

Like you're working with Solidworks, i think that CAMWorks could be a good solution and you cann have again Masterx6 for Solidworks.

Good Luck

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HSMWorks is a nice package that includes a free 2.5 axis version for both solidworks and Inventor.

Give it a try here -

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