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Help on how to start modeling this file

By ali on 14 May 21:42 3 answers 0 comments

Any suggestions on where to start when modeling the picture attached (except for the motor in the middle). I am fairly decent modeling "blocky" parts but don't have much experience with "rounded" parts like the one in the picture.

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3 answers

  • kuldeep sharma
    kuldeep sharma 6 months ago

    Best method for making objects is removing material means make solid objects then start remove as machine do there process.

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber 6 months ago

    Not entirely sure about the underside, but I'd probably start here...

  • Roger-Marie Couture
    Roger-Marie Couture 6 months ago

    The best way is to model the part by designing how it will be machined.

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