HELP! Setting up PDM Standard...Cannot log in

I have just installed PDM Standard. The install is all on one computer, no external server.

The very first time I try to log into the Administrator tool to add my vault I get errors. I included images of every error and a description of when they occur. Its attached.

I have been at it for about 50 hours, and I simply cannot figure this out.

Why don't they make an easy install tool for this? Unbelievable how difficult it is to install Solidworks PDM. Its like getting a tooth pulled every time you click your mouse button. I remember when they installed this at my last contract, they hired their reseller to implement it and it took him 3 days on site to get it installed.

Anyhow if anyone can help I would be in your debt.

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1 Answer

First the use of PDM for a single computer really does not have much use in itself, I work with PDM a couple of years and it is useful if you work with a team of several people, in the same place or several in different locations, it is really for corporate use, for personal use suggest a backup in Google Drive, or if you work with few people to have not only support of your proyects but to work with more people, use GRABCAD WORKBENCH, which offers you for free similar utilities.

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