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Help with converting some models?

By Frederick Siegele on 12 Sep 22:20 5 answers 3 comments

Hello all. Another nice gentleman earlier said that if I post some links to the models I need or the author's name someone might be able to help me convert them to a 'step/.stp' file. I use CATIA all day and need a rendering of some resemblance to something that can be bought off the shelf.

Here we go if you please:
by Fabian FJB Lifting Table + Animation
by saad bouta Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
by mohasin mulla Scissor Table

P.S. that scissor table with the manual wooden handle was very sweet!

5 answers

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 2 months ago

    I can't convert them all at once, but try out this model and let's make sure they import for you OK.

    Here is another one.
    I can't say why the step file won't download.... I'll try renaming it to take away the spaces in the file name.

    Don't forget to mash the like button for each file on its download page.


    HydraulicLiftingTable.STEP, 5.41 MB
    ScissorTable.STEP, 3.9 MB
  • Mashi
    Mashi 2 months ago

    In regards to the Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table.....

    For some reason I had the casters disappear on me. Attached a pic to show what it is, it may not be of any help to you without the full assembly.


    Assemblage2.STEP, 2.94 MB
  • Frederick Siegele
    Frederick Siegele 2 months ago

    ML, yes I would need the casters to show up in the converted model.

  • Frederick Siegele
    Frederick Siegele 2 months ago

    FredSWUG, I got that most recent model to come across into CATIA.
    Looks great! Thanks for your help on this.

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