How add two models in one representation in Keyshot ?

hi, how can i add two models of parts in one representation in Keyshot ?

thanks !

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Hi Pierre!. Simply open the first part, and then open the other one.
When opening the other one, make sure to choose "Add to scen" in the open window.

(Then for move them separate, be sure to right click on the specific part you want to move)

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An alternative is off course to make an assembly in your CAD software and import the parts you want to render in keyshot. Save the asm and open in keyshot.

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Keyshot 3 has a great way you can copy your models Pierre within the window
very wicked indeed.
If you are a student you can get a full years license for $95 and that is some wicked software for that price

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you can do it by importing model again.
you can click on project > scene > models > right click on your model > duplicate
you can move your model by right click on your model > move

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ok cool, i will try that =) thanks Josepf for answer =) .

yes william, i have the demo, and if i like it, i'll buy it ^^, keyshot is very pleasure to use. there is many effects and scene setting that photoview360

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