How can i add 2 or more picture in one surface in Keyshot?

for example u have one plane and u want to stick more than 1 pic to this plane. u add the first pic on it in texture but u cant add 1 more what can i do?

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Why don`t you try to combine the 2 pics in photoshop or some other program, and than apply it as texture?

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i knew that someone answer my question with this sentense but i just want to know that how can i do this in keyshot?

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Alireza, when you want to add a picture to a surface don't use the texture option, even if it's just one.
Instead use Labels.

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does it work as texture? i mean by ur words so whats the differences between Label and Texture?

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Hi Alireza
If you want to duplicate models in Keyshot in the same work space, all you need to do is right click the model in the project tree, and click on duplicate. This will lay another copy of the model in the work space, but it is laid directly on top of your original. Right click your model and select move object you now have the ability to move the model left right and up and down or rotate the model. by moving the model in any direction will revel the other model. Hope this is of some help.

Kind Regards
Alan Baird

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