How can I change the entire componets from .iam to .ipt once finished the assembly?

The thing is that I need to load an entire assembly and part of its comonents must be defined as a fixture from CAD to be read as a fixture using a CAM software (EDGE CAM)

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4 Answers

You have not uploaded the IPT's with your IAM....

This is an easy one -
Create a new IPT..... Then just click on Derive open your IAM and simple just save it as an IPT.

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Here is a tutorial I done for someone else and another question but it is just the same steps only you do not want to scale it just save it as IPT.

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William, thank you so much for this. I couldn't view assemblys on A360 app but turning the assembly into an IPT file did the trick. Now I can see the IPT assembly on the app and remove parts and isolate them. It is great.
Thanks again.

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