How can I close exploded view in solidworks?

I generated a expoded view in assembly mode. I took a render. Everything was good so far. now, I can't close exploded view. Where is the button?

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You can simply Right Click in graphic screen or feature manager then click "collapse". Also toggle back to "explode" mode. Hope that helps

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Change configuration to default or other

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Right button on the mouse, and COLLAPSE

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I have solidworks 2015 I tried all the previous steps but no way to exit the exploded view mode I think there is a problem in the solidworks program or in windows

I make the exploded view andeverything is ok till I made the animation then can't exit

if anyone have an Idea how to exit please tell us

I can't exit untill restarting windows

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I found the reason

I use an extended monitor for my laptop and the animation control toolbar was opened on the second monitor screen and when i disconnect the second monitor the control bar didn't return to the basic laptop monitor so i can't see it or do anything

I thoght that maybe the reason and when I returen to home i conncted the secon monitor and found the control bar on it in fact so i draged it to the basic screen and everything returen good as before

good luck to all of you

just connect the extended monitor and drage the control bar to the basic one

best regards

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If you can't find the animation toolbar, clicking on the "Motion Study" tab usually stops the animation.

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