How can I design a chair for example with point cloud data set?

I want to design sth with point cloud data sets, for example a comfortable chair or a car outer surface
how can i get these point clouds? and how i can use them in solidworks?

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You get a point cloud by taking a lot of measurements and adding the point coordinates to a txt file.
The process can be greatly sped up by making use of a laser, or visible light scanning system.
Different scanning systems have pros and cons in their ability to detect some materials, colors, and size of details, so be sure to pick one appropriate for your task.

SOLIDWORKS has a module called Scan To 3D. It allows you to work with imported point clouds and mesh data.
I never found Scan To 3D to be very useful. It is better than nothing, but I had much better results working with Geomagics (3D Systems) Control, and Design X software.
Design X is a little like stepping in a time machine and trying to use a CAD system 20+ years ago, but I did most of my basic layout and measurement work there before moving into SOLIDWORKS to create the models.

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