How can i get help to make a cad program for cnc cutting of models that i build.

I am a luthier building lots of electric guitars and basses. I have now decided to make a cad program of a few of my models to later send to Korea and China to make larger amounts of guitar-bodies and necks then i can do by building them by hand as there is no reason to do the ground work by hand, better concentrate at the finish of the guitars. What software they use i dont know but i assume that there is a factory standard that most pro CNC machine can work in. I would be happy to get in contact with a Pro that can help me with this. for the one that will have a direct contact with me.

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you can use pro engineering, solidworks, artcam etc. I prefer pro-e or solid works if you want a good body, but if you want to print some designs on them, then artcam or type 3 would be better. I am in the same field of cnc machines too and i use pro engineer. But I am learning Type 3 as the designs are getting complicated. Looking at your guitar design, pro-e or solidworks are better.

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