How can I get the maximum speed in SolidWorks?

Hello friends and helpers!

Above all, it occurs during rotations in motion simulations!
There are more than 200 parts to be moved .....
The movement jerks and often pauses before it goes on.
When I make a movie, is everything ok?

Maybe someone can help me ?

Sincerely, Leo

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5 Answers

Thank You for the Info !

My Prozessor is INTEL(R)Core(TM)i7-4700HQ CPU 2.40GHz
I load my parts from my Harddisk (SSD)

by , Leo

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You may want to post additional information regarding
solidworks version
computer specs: CPU, RAM, video, Operating System...etc

Based on the provided information, I'd try using the Large Assembly Mode settings under Options.

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Thanks for the information !
I use windows 10 64bit home edition
Graphics card has 2GB of direct memory
The attitude for big assambles I have already made.
I work on the laptop Asus 750 JK ....

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I forgot, I have 12 GB of RAM .......

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Which GPU in particular?
Which CPU and clock speed?
Are you loading parts over a network?

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