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How can i make a animation ?

By Thonhofer Leo on 02 May 06:59 2 answers 0 comments

HOW CAN I create such an animation?
What software do you use?
Just like the video attached ........

thanks for all tipps , leothon


Plissee - Montage direkt vor der Scheibe.mp4, 9.65 MB

2 answers

  • ioan skurka
    ioan skurka 6 months ago

    I m not expert, but I assume 3d max, 4d cinema and maybe maya...each minute of animation take alot of time.
    for something simple like this:
    you can use solidworks, but for more complex you will need to use an software specialize in animation...

  • Thonhofer Leo
    Thonhofer Leo 5 months ago

    thank you for this Information !

    I have make the Animation with SolidWorks Composer ...
    the other Software i will look if this for me .

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