How can i write part name inside notes automaticcally in Solidworks Drawings?

Hi Dear All;
I hope you are fine.
I need your help about my solidworks drawing.
While i creating a 2D drawing from 3D assembly, i want to describe every
part or asemmbly by adding notes.And while addings notes i want to write
automaticcally part name inside notes.Specially while tag line number it is
very usefull way.

As in the jpg i want it writen by automaticly.even if i try to much i
couldnt be succesfull.
I hope anyone can help me.

Best Regards
Lokman AKTAŞ

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2 Answers

You can insert a BOM table, and then add balloons (instead of notes) to each part you wish to indicate.

Then, in balloon settings, change the balloon type to "none", and set "balloon text" to "file name"

You can also save this "style" of balloon ahead of time or for the next time if it is useful to do so.

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