How create this Box

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What level of detail are you looking to create?
This drawing appears to simplyfy the woven wire mesh into a series of diagonal lines. Great for illustration and saving time, but not very useful as a detailed solid model.

Having a 2nd image, or isometric view would be great, but taking a few guesses:
The top rim could be a few simply extrusions (or a single sweep)
The handle would be easy to create as a sweep.
The three remaining edges look like they could be done as an extrusion, but it is hard to tell the whole shape from one view.
The interwoven wires are going to take some time. They would be done as sweeps if you want/need them to be realistic. If you want to save time and effort, there are two options:
1. Make the sides solid, then apply a mesh opacity texture in a rendering application.
2. Make the wires straight extrusions (or sweeps) and let them crash into each other at the intersections.

The part looks to be symmetrical, so just model 1/4 of it, then mirror twice. You'll save a lot of effort that way.

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Model everything in Creo except the wire mesh. For the wire mesh just make the walls a single surface. Export to Keyshot or Bunkspeed. Select the wall surfaces and change material to wire mesh. Here you can get the look you desire, without tedious modeling - Plus it will be rendered.

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