how do i bend this part in Autodesk Inventor

Hi there,
I have a task in inventor but cant seem to figure it out. I am aware of the bend command but cant seem to make sense of this. I'm self teaching myself Inventor and am stuck on one of my projects because of this part. Can you help me or give me some advice. see attached drawing. Im trying to make the double bend in this part.


Karol Byrne.

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Hi Karol

I know that the first command that comes across your mind is the "bend" and makes absolute sense.

However, instead of using that you can go through the following options...

1.Design first the two ends (that need to look bended) in a different level then you can use loft to connect them (by using a path of course)

2.Again design first the two ends in a different level but now make sure that come in contact then use "fillet" to look like bended...

3. Start your model as a sheet metal and take the advantage of the bend tool along with the flat pattern... I think this is the most appropriate.

any further questions let me know



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