How to position a part in Autodesk Inventor

How do you place a part in a assembly off centre. I can only join them exactly in the middle like you see on the picture. I want to be able to move it along the extrusion profile.

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The best thing to do is constrain the parts using work planes. ( xy, xz, yz) You need to eliminate the two degrees of freedom to still allow this movement. If your work planes are not in a good location for positioning the parts, then do the following.

1. constrain the bottom face of the first part to the top face of the second part.

2. Constrain one side of the top part (using the flush option for the basic contraint) to one side of the bottom part.

3. Use the distance measure option and measure the distance from the side of the top part that is close to the center of the bottom part, to the opposing side of the bottom part. Copy that number to the clipbord.

4. Go to the flush constraint previously created and paste that distance into the offset. The divide it by 2 in that value option. example: (1.625/2) It will do the math for you.

5. It should now allow you to drag the top part side to side like you want to.

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Meant to note that the second part in my description is the aluminum extrusion.

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