how do i link an inventor file to a web page?

i am wondering if there is a way i can link an inventor part drawing to a web site so customers can look at a part and make it the size they want. Just wondering if this is possible, I seen it done a long time ago.

4 Answers

I believe the only way to do this is via another peice of software called Inventor ETO (Engineer To Order) it allows the use of a web style interface to modify factory parts. it used to be called "Intent"

I have to agree with andrew. However even as an Inventor user you have to be open minded (not that Andrew is not ;P) so... DriveWorks is an alternative or a secondary solution that should be applicable with Inventor as well...
But to be honest I don't really know how good is the interoperability...
Anyhow, I just found that recently and I thought that is good to post it


thank you for all the thoughts and help. Nothing is technically wrong unit it is proven. at this point i am in the midst of figuring this out so i will have to post my findings here so everyone can see..
Thanks for the help though.

just checked into driveworks and it is like the iLogic for inventor... something like that but on a web page is kind of what i am after. This is so i can have customers adjust products to what they want with out them having to pay an engineering fee for it.