How to link a text parameter in another part file in inventor?

HI every one I am just a little bit frustrated about this that how would I link a text parameter to another part file in inventor. Means I have created a master file named "UI_MASTER". in this part file I have putted all the parameters(numeric and text both) which are user Input
In "UI_MASTER".ipt there are three parameters,
1. Plate_Type= "Single"/"Two Halves" (these two parameters is a text parameter
2. Plate_OD= 1970 mm
3. Plate_ID= 800 mm
Now I created another part file Named "PLATE" and I have successfully linked two parameters Plate_OD&ID
Now I want to create a rule in part file "Plate"that is
If Plate_Type= "Single" Then
d0= Plate_OD (This parameter is linked with part "UI_MASTER" Plate_OD)
d1= Plate_ID (This parameter is linked with part "UI_MASTER" Plate_ID)
Else If Plate_Type= "Two Halves" Then
d0= Plate_OD+50 mm
d1= Plate_ID+20 mm

End If
But the question is how I link the text parameter "Plate_Type" in Plate part file?

Can anyone help me please?

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Well, I can understand your frustration, linking a text parameter in Inventor is = 0, so you will not have any solution to your specific problem in that way; however you can use a trick, that i used before when I came across that situation.
The thing is, you cannot link text parameters, but you can create another parameter (numerical) kind of boolean variable. This parameter (d135 or whichever name you choose) will have only 2 values (0 or 1) then its value is according the value of the text one and enforced by a rule in your master part:
PLT_TYPE = "Single" or "Two Valves"
d135 = 0 or 1 (multivalue parameter with not allow custom values to avoid confusion)
Then the rule
Sub D135 ()
If PLT_TYPE = "Single" then
d135 = 0
d135 =1
End if
End Sub
Then when you link you link d135 and if its take value 0 you will know that is single or two Valves
You got it? in other words you have to make a bypass :)
Hope this help!

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Check out this video, it shows how to link parameters from one file to another either from part to assembly, or from part to part, I hope it will be very useful

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