How to link a text parameter in another part file in inventor?

HI every one I am just a little bit frustrated about this that how would I link a text parameter to another part file in inventor. Means I have created a master file named "UI_MASTER". in this part file I have putted all the parameters(numeric and text both) which are user Input
In "UI_MASTER".ipt there are three parameters,
1. Plate_Type= "Single"/"Two Halves" (these two parameters is a text parameter
2. Plate_OD= 1970 mm
3. Plate_ID= 800 mm
Now I created another part file Named "PLATE" and I have successfully linked two parameters Plate_OD&ID
Now I want to create a rule in part file "Plate"that is
If Plate_Type= "Single" Then
d0= Plate_OD (This parameter is linked with part "UI_MASTER" Plate_OD)
d1= Plate_ID (This parameter is linked with part "UI_MASTER" Plate_ID)
Else If Plate_Type= "Two Halves" Then
d0= Plate_OD+50 mm
d1= Plate_ID+20 mm

End If
But the question is how I link the text parameter "Plate_Type" in Plate part file?

Can anyone help me please?

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1 Answer

Check out this video, it shows how to link parameters from one file to another either from part to assembly, or from part to part, I hope it will be very useful

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