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How do i put tree in solidworks

By Michal Klimes on 15 Sep 19:59 4 answers 0 comments

Hi, pls help for get this done. Original project is unauthorized national library by Mr. Kaplicky ( I just need put some trees in scene. I found some online, but they have too many surfaces, or are too ugly :-) .Any other suggestions to get it better would be nice.

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4 answers

  • Sahedul Abedin
    Sahedul Abedin about 1 year ago

    Probably this is too much to ask to an Engineering tool. You will find many avilable tree models online designed in other platform e.g. Maya 3D.
    Just Import that model and define textures to have a good looking tree Outlook.

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill about 1 year ago

    You can't put trees in SolidWorks. This is due to difference between modeling methods (NURBS & MESHES).
    Most of the models of trees you will find on internet are meshes i.e. there will be large number of faces and textures involved and even if import them, they won't look same in SW and also will consume large resources.
    If possible please use textures for the same or try to model them yourself.

  • Michal Klimes
    Michal Klimes about 1 year ago

    Ok, I thought so. Had to try... However thank you for your responds.

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