How do I rotate 3d parts in an Inventor part file?

OK so this is going to show what a total Inventor noob I am but in reference to this jpeg, how in the world do I rotate the red bracket 90 degrees along the axis of the cyan cylinder?

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From the model history it shows the model to contain 2 solids. If these solids are the blue piece and the red piece, then you might be able to use the 'move bodies' command.

Create an axis through the shaft section onto which the red bracket is attached. Then use the 'move bodies' to rotate the solid about this axis

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I just wish you could look like in AutoCAD in front left or top view, select it and then rotate it from a point to a certain degree. AutoCAD is just so much easier for this. I understand that it's easy if you modelled it "right" but what about engineering changes? It only takes like 3 commands to do in AutoCAD but you basically have to start from scratch in Inventor.

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I ll like to save that 2 part (cyan & red) separate then go to assembly page, more easier if any edit is needed..

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Don't worry about being a noob with Inventor; we all started as noobs. Anyhow, this looks like there is a pretty simple fix.

A few questions first.

1. Have you constrained the axis of the two parts together? If you have, you can simply apply an angle constraint to one of the flat sides on the red part to one of the flat sides on the cyan part. and type in the appropriate angular dimension that you want.

2. Is this a fixed part of the .ipt? If not, you should create and assembly and constrain it there. About the only time you would need to have this type of arrangement in an individual part would be if you were using a derived part that you were using as some sort of reference, from a site like Grabcad.

I hope this helps

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There is a number of different ways you can do this, but if you have modelled it the correct way and started your ipt's from the centre planes then you can select the plane that goes through the centre of the cylinder and the centre of the bracket then it is just a angles mate.

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can you tell me exact procedure to rotate for 90 degrees?

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