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how do i use these models?

By michael montoya on 24 Jul 04:57 3 answers 0 comments

How do i use these models? And how do I find out credit and copyright/copyright infringement rules and guide lines? I tried to download something once and all i got was a couple of rendered images. I would like to use some models for props in some rendered 3d art scenes. is this possible. I currently use sketchup and daz but their models do not compare to the realistic ones by artists on this sight. Also could not find the "feedback/wish button.

3 answers

  • Stanley Ossyra
    Stanley Ossyra 4 months ago

    Dear Mr. Montoya,
    If you are looking for precise parts for things such as designing additions to such parts, I would recommend simply going to the manufacturer's website. Oftentimes they will have CAD files of their more popular parts.

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 4 months ago

    It is likely the files you tried to download only had image files uploaded rather than CAD files. Check the file types at the bottom of the list of files available when you click on someones uploads. Not everything you search will have CAD files available.

    For source siting, just make sure the name of the model and the artist/engineer/architect is sited within your work. If there are multiple, site them all.

    Also, not all models created on here will be exact replicas of existing types of work or famous work. It is all completed by individuals to the best of their ability. So it may not be 100% accurate in all cases.

  • michael montoya
    michael montoya 4 months ago

    Thank you that is helpful. I will try again soon. And let you know how it goes.

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