How do you export a Plant 3D model with xref to Inventor?

I made a model in plant 3d and want to use it in inventor. i once made this possible by saving it as a stepfile. How i did that i have no idea. But I cant make it work. I can only export it as a DWG file. So when i open it in inventor i cant do anything with it. Its in some kind of "Review" topic.

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If you start an assembly file in inventor, and then start a sketch on a workplane, there is a ACAD DWG icon for bringing in DWG files as a sketch. I caution you on how detailed the sketch is you are trying to import. The more to the sketch there is, the longer it will take to import and load and your computer and software will run much slower.

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In Autocad use export command to save other format.

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