how do you model an engine?

I ve seen many engine models inside grabcad . But i dont know how they get the dimensions of each and every part for modelling the same.
Do you draw the diagrams yourself and then model it or do you get any reference from internet or do you simply give your own dimensions??
Pls help

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When I am trying to clone anything, I start with an internet search for drawings of the item in question and others (different manufacturers, different sizes of the same items, etc) like it. I then model what I can directly from the drawings. I scale the drawing for the missing's usually fairly accurate to make some educated guesses along the way. The real trick is to get "educated" so your guesses are reasonable.

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A good method is to physically measure the engine parts. That way you can be sure all the dimensions are correct, you haven't misinterpreted anything and you have all the details and finishes. This is how I made this engine:

Engine, Webra Speed 61 Geared

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There is a website with many different model engines. Just make sure you look at the drawings thoroughly, some people leave out main dimensions and makes for frustration when you made some parts and are now missing the crankcase or something similar.

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