How modify one part of the assembly but no the original part?

I have a assembly that have one Panel A that is used two times (Panel a_1 & Panel a_2) but a_1 need a groove in a side and direction and a_2 need it in the opposite direction, is there a way to add this feature but without modify the original part Pane A?

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2 Answers

Right click the component in Assembly Navigator and choose "Make Unique". This will make the component unique, it asks you to save it to give it another name. This will cut the link between the original instance so that you can edit one without affecting another.

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Hi!, that worked perfectly, I could edit the two parts inside the assembly until the point where they star to need differents designs that is where I use the "Make Unique" so I haven't to start over again or change my assembly.

thank you

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