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How to add draft on part with respect to curved face?

By VISHAL SAINI on 21 Jan 07:17 1 answer 1 comment

I have to add draft on a face with reference to the curved object. It is needed for injection molding.
In catia it can be easily done but I'm having problem with solidworks.
Please refer to the attached file,
faces to be drafted are in PINK colour
face needed to selected for 'neutral face' is in GREEN colour.


ref.SLDPRT, 79 KB

1 answer

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG almost 2 years ago

    Try the Parting Line option. Image attached:
    I just realized I have SW2015 installed, so I saved a sample model too.


    Parting - ref-1.SLDPRT, 77.1 KB

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