how to add material to the model in catia v6?

i am not able to change the modal material in catia v6 , am learning catia on my own using an ebook on catia v5 , catia v5 is having that funcionality but i'm not able to find the same in v6 , plese help designer !!!

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Hi, you need have tthe database installed.
Can be Oracle, Windos Server 2008 as mininium
Once installed could be create to material library.
Remember CATIA V6 work different to V5, a think so could be a complicated for learning yourself, yet have a complications for understand...!!

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Unlike V5, there are no predefined materials by default in Catia V6.
We need to define prior to using/applying them.
But if you are importing any Catia V5 files having materials applied, it will save them while importing.
Next time you clik on apply material command, it will show them.

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you need import material data base from V5 to V6, and you should be serach a mat, on the bar Serach. Select any Material on your libary data base and carry on the Solid Body.

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