How to assign a section for GE bracket challenge part file in Abaqus?

My goal is to run static analysis on the original STL part file but somewhy Abaqus requires to define sections?

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Hi Gert
for assign a section for a model you first should go in "property" Module Then as shown in my attached picture you should select "assign a section" and then "click on you model" and "set a region" under model appear(above status bar appear) then Ok.

Gert do you want to do Topology Optimization ? Do you need a Complete Tutorial ?

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Unfortunately it did not solve the problem, because i had already done that ("create instance"). It is just that selecting part for GE and beam are completely different. After selecting the part it does not let me choose my Section.

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It turns out that it is quite impossible to do something with imported STL. So just do not use STL import plug-in. Convert it something more suitable (look under File- import what formats abaqus can open).

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you can import STL files here :

Plug-ins > Tools > STL Import

you can see in attached pic ;)

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