How to change componant to product in catia

I have alot of parts inside alot of componant with alot of instances
What i need is what the easiest way to change componant to product .
When i make a product withe same name of componant inside this componant
The instances change to the same name of product i make
So if i collect the instance in one product will become one instance )
I hope you can understand what i said .. If you can't please learn me how i can change componant to prod. Only
Thank you

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3 Answers

TIP Number ONE:
Hi friend, I try to understand your issue, I can reccomended you to create a cat product and named it with different name as the instance you have, for example: "assembly final" or another. that is on the product. because if you have the same name in the product , and the instances I mean cat part, maybe you will confuse with the same name of the prioduct, I always reccommend name different cat product, and cat part. I was thinking that you can send us a picture about your issue, and we can reccomended you some tips, to solve your problem.

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TIP Number TWO:
its me again friend, if my last before comment it doesn't work, try to ommit it,and try the following, if you would like to replace a component in a cat product, try to follow the following steps:
click on component inside the tree (cat product) as shown in the picture below, for example as shown in the picture below: H305603-501>right click>components>replace component, after that you can select your new component to replace.
and thats it.

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And if the other above tips do not work, to your issue, I have one more tip.
I understand that you want to change a component to a cat product, try to select it, from the tree, and copy at the another cat product you have or want.

Thats why, its very very IMPORTANT, that you have your files with different name, because if you want to create a cat product with the same name of cat part, you will find some problems, and you couldn't to modify them, because if you want to modify one component, the another reflects you the same changes made before, and you won't let modify both of thems files, with the same name. If this your case, you will have the same modifications in both. and If you want or have the same form, with different position with the same instances, try to copy the sketch, and paste special>as a resut, in another catia file, and you will find the same form, but with another different, and you could modify your component.

ok friend, just let me know, if my comments you will help you to your issue.
and if you can send us a picture, try to attach one picture, and we can reccomended you some tips more.


Have a good day,

Best Regards,

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