Madhu Sudan Chhangani

How to check wheather my Solidwork model is 3D-Printable or not?

Question by Madhu Sudan Chhangani

I want to check whether the model designed is 3-D printable or not?
If not, what are the best possible solutions to make it 3-D printable

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2 Answers

Aadithya sathyanarayanan
Answered on 12 Aug, 2015 02:07 AM

you can check your model if it is 3d printable or not only when you convert it to the STL format and import it into the 3d printer software advised by your 3d printer maker.

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Answered on 26 Feb, 2017 02:15 AM

Export your design to STL file format, then import it into Meshmixer (free download) You can analyze your design, convert it to solids, repair errors, etc.
then export it out as STL ready to print.

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