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how to convert a rar. file to stl. ?

By nlmcnamara on 31 Jan 19:34 2 answers 7220 views 0 comments

I have several rar files but my program will only read stl. files is there a way i can convert them ?

2 answers

  • Kamyar
    Kamyar over 3 years ago

    RAR file are very delicate, you must be very careful handling them. Copy all your RAR files to a CD or if they are very large, to a DVD. Take the DVD and bake it in your home oven at 175F for 47 minutes. Take the CD or DVD out of the oven and let it rest for 27 minutes. The temperature of the files will reach the ambient temperature by that time. Please don't forget to garnish the whole thing with paprika and rosemary. Go to your computer and download 7z from It's free. Install 7z on your computer, it may take up to 45 seconds, please be patient. Find the original RAR files on your computer, right click on them and choose "extract files". Extract the files and you will get something MOST LIKELY not STL. Now you have bigger problems, melted plastic in your oven and real CAD files that exclude STL. You will have to play some good music and relax. If you are running Windows, use file options and let Windows display your file types. You will find all kinds of stuff in RAR packages. They could be DXF, DWG (both of them are worthless), iges, igs, step, stp, sldprt, par, prt,...
    For each you would have to have a program that can handle some of those file formats, like Solid Edge, Solid Works, CATIA, NX, or other not too terribly smart but still over priced software like Pro Engineer and Inventor.
    Spend some time searching stuff like RAR or CAD file format online. It will do you good.
    If you are running a mac, stop. Start a blog complaining about the planet, its people and how you believe in your own cult.



  • Miro K.
    Miro K. over 3 years ago

    1. you need download and "unrar" (or open) this rar file with 7zip or winrar software (you can find this on the web free, type "7zip download or winrar download" and install it)
    2. your original rar file you must open with this rar opener and "unrar it"
    3. after unrar you have one or more files and there would be stl file too - now you can stl open with your program

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