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How to convert from solid model to sheet metal in solidworks?

By Gabe Cruz on 19 Mar 15:54 8 answers 1 comment

I have a few solid models from a customer and they are STP files. I need to convert them to sheet metal parts, I'm in desperate need of help.


21034.SLDPRT, 275 KB
21012.SLDPRT, 418 KB
21042.SLDPRT, 551 KB
21051.SLDPRT, 996 KB
21052.SLDPRT, 433 KB

8 answers

  • Patrick
    Patrick over 3 years ago

    For me it can be done with SW's plugin logopress or similar software.I can do this for you if you send me the files, or else try to find appropriate software.
    Here is 21034 flattened.
    Regards - Patrick


    21034.STEP, 83.1 KB
  • Pratik Pawar
    Pratik Pawar over 3 years ago

    hi gabe,
    As your customer given files are STEP format ; so i think firstly you have to model it again or simply make solid body from STEP file .
    then after modeling you have to use Convert to Sheetmetal option , you will get it in Sheetmetal module.
    By giving appropriate thickness ,bending lines ,K factor, rip edges etc. , you can convert it to sheetmetal part.
    Here i am giving you a simple example in attached file.


    convert to sheetmetal.SLDPRT, 173 KB
  • Patrick
    Patrick over 3 years ago

    Hi Gabe,
    I think there is a problem with the solid part, on the #21051 see the three holes with no thickness ... can you check original file

  • Gabe Cruz
    Gabe Cruz over 3 years ago

    i have seen that. i just need to know if it can be done? i can fix the holes but any luck on the other models?

  • Just-in
    Just-in over 3 years ago

    it might help if you recreate some of it then convert to sheet metal and put in the needed holes last.

  • Hoang Thuyet
    Hoang Thuyet over 2 years ago

    i can do better, send me your file.

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