How to convert from stl file to any cad file

Hello ... i have excelent stl file but i want to convert it to files like step or igs ..... i m using inventor,maya autocad and keyshot but none can convert it .. or neither i do not know how .... any idea , please ?

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I think (Rhino) will help you
import STL file in Rhino
convert Mesh to NURBS Surfae by MeshtoNURBS command in command bar finaly you can save your model in iges or step format .

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SolidWorks lets you open .stl files for editing. the SW is expensive thought. USD 8 9 K per license. here is how:

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Hey there,

There's a file converted in Workbench now. You just select a file and what you want to export it as.

Feel free to email me with any questions -

Have a great day.

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I do this a lot in my line of work. Geomagic is really the best option. The software is expensive but you might be able to get a trial version. I think they even have a snap-in module for Solidworks now.

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