How to convert stl file into 3D model

I have a cover from a motorcycle in stl file and i need to make some modifications in the cover, but Solidworks dont allow me to import the file as solid body because have to many faces. Anyone can help me in this problem? I've tryed to work with Scan To 3D add in but nothing in concrete so far. I getting really unhappy. Can anyone put the slt file working?

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I think your best bet would be to go old fashion and reverse engineer it with a set of calipers if you have the physical part.

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I usually do in CATIA if I want to make solid from scan. I have never try in solidwork before.
In this picture I try to create simple reverse in catia (brown - STL, Yellow - Surface) with deviation analysis.

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MeshLab (a free program) will convert STL to DXF.

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Hi y cant u try this in NX, you have an option to combine the surfaces in nx or use the layers for extra parts hiding

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1.try using STL to STEP file conversion application.
I do not remember entity name that created it but you can find them on the web. I think the name of software is STL2STEP. I used it before. I works.
You can get it for a very reasonable cost.
Be sure you have plenty of memory on your computer. It is a memory hog.
2. If only one part is involved find someone who uses Rhino software and ask
them to convert STL file for you into a 3D model.
Beware for conversions from one system to another always leave something behind. With Solidworks you need to derive profiles on a given plane from your object , do the 2D sketches and recreate 3D model solids.
It is frustrating and very inefficient way of doing it.

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