How to convert stp file modelled in pro-e to dxf,obj,dwg file type

I have a stp file(input file) which needs to be converted to obj,dxf,dwg file format and it should of reduced file size(output file).Please say the procedure.vedio file for this file conversion would help me a lot.Thanks in advance.

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You just opening your .stp-file in Autodesk Inventor, click on the main menu and select 'Export'. Now you should see a button saying 'Export to .dwg'. Click this button and your conversion to .dwg is complete!!

I hope this helps ;)

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thank u Jeroen...also i want the file size to be reduced to the maximum by suppressing and deleting the hidden features like ribs and hole...what option can be used for this.because the model tree does not show the list of features like extrude,revolve,hole., etc.

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try opening this file in UGNX then file export DWG/DXF u will get the output file in the same format, use the same file in auto cad and purge all the dwg file, remove unwanted strings, your file size will be reduced ...

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