How to copy a part within an assembly keeping external references

I have a assembly, with some parts. There is a part that has external references to another part on this assembly. I want to copy this part, keeping the same external references, but I want to rename the new part so I can make further modifications without modify the original part. I am trying many ways to do that, but always the external references go out of context (interrogation mark after the part name). Do you know how to do this without mess with the external references?

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4 Answers

1. List External References and delete them:
if you open the sketch that is creating the Problem, you can right click on it and list the external references and remove them in order to avoid external references going out of the context.
Alternatively you can save the part as parasolid.

2. Save as copy and open:
Use the save as and copy Option to save a copy of the part Independent of the original part.

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But I want to keep the references. What I want to to is to create another part that is pretty much the same of this part, but placed in a different position.

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Hi Paul, did you ever find a solution to this issue? I know exactly what you're getting at and it's very frustrating!

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I also searched without success ...
However, you can work around the problem by using derived parts. It works perfectly for me.
Best regards

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