How to correctly use Dynamic Pivot Point in Keyshot

I have a design I want to animate, I've done the first part and was able to get the Piston Rod Eye to pivot on one point and align itself on another by using the Dynamic Pivot Point. The problem is that when I try to do the return stroke of the Pneumatic cylinder, the Dynamic pivot point is somehow still active and the Piston Rod Eye is not aligned. I would appreciate it if someone would be able to assist as there is not much available on this topic. Attached is the keyshot file, Step file of parts, as well as a pic of the unit.

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Keyshot - Im have a problem animating a hood and hood struts. So the strut expands properly when the hood is opening and closing. 3 pivot points. Stuck getting the strut to expand and keep its location on the top hood pivot point. Tried transition on the way up. Alignment keeps messing up. Any help would be great.

Sounds like it should be simple but I've tried many different ways.

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