how to covert non parametric model to parametric model ?

what is process for converting solid model into parametric model ?

4 Answers

It depends on the complexity of the model. Some cad systems have feature recognition capability and can do it on model import. I've seen mixed results that get worse as the model complexity increases.
Worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) case scenario is re-modeling from scratch, but you'll get the exact control you desire.

Your can use the recognize feature in the Part Design workbench. This requires a FR1 module.

We can assist with the training of using these tools or the purchase of this add on here at

In CATIA using surface modeling tool, we can easily convert non-parametric model to parametric model. In GSD enough tool available to create the parametric model.

I've just launched a new course on PARAMETRIC DESIGN in CATIA.

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