How to Create a Car through Sketches

I have been trying to create a car based on Front, Side, and Top sketches. I have tried sculpting but I am fairly new to the concept. If anyone could help me out that would be great.

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I've been teaching myself and learning this process, I've found a few things which matter, and some that don't. Should be some useful information either way.

I use Solidworks, not Inventor, but I know the build process should be similar based from other forums online.

Some things that helped:
1) Creating a "Layout" sketch, or two, or three! Make this sketch your overall dimensions of you car. In a way, "box-in" your dimensionally accurate 3D model. Insert some car pictures into these layout sketches, for guidelines.

2) Simplify the features of your car. Start with a simple shell of you concept. In Solidworks, this would mean simplifying your sketch entities too, especially SPLINES! Take each feature of your car as a separate build, a separate thought.

3) Make it dynamically built! If your car is symmetrical (most are), use part assembly mirroring to your advantage. Build, style, and detail only half of the car, mechanics too!

Don't get discouraged, it took me about 6 tries before I even had an acceptable model, Sports Car ~ Version 1

I think car modeling is a premium talent to have no matter what software you use. It's a blend of organic design, mechanical know-how, and perseverance!

Hope this helps, best of luck!

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Evan - I am an Auto desk IV user and it does everything I require for it to do over any other software for my engineering work a part from surface modelling IT SUCKS!!! LoL'ss
That is why Auto desk has Alias, but a very very very steep learning curve for that software :(
Not only that, there is very little surface model tutorials for IV because of Alias again LoL'ss
This is the only time I would ever say this would be to go and use Solid works (( The dark side of CAD software )) LoL'ss
It has great surface modelling tools, but you will not get class A's from SW.....
Have a look @ Hot Rod
That is Inventor surface modelling......
I have the sketches that a drew and also a tutorial to follow for my model of this car....... so if it is for your OWN use and only for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!! and not to be SHARD with anyone to learn IV surface modelling I am sure we can come to an arrangement for me to send you what you need to educated your self in this department.

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Hi Evan, vehicles are notoriously difficult to do, with angular parts, sweeping curves, and a surface topology that will show any flaws in the modellers skills.

First of all, and the most important, is good quality prints, outlines, sketches, whatever you wish to call them. Then get the true dimensions of the vehicle you are wanting to model, you can then scale the images in your chosen modelling app to suit the size, as if you are modelling 1/1 scale. Crop the prints very precisely and then import them into your appropriate view ports, now before you even start modelling, start placing point objects if you have them, see how they match with the prints you have. The center of the wheels, and the furthest point on the wing mirrors, if they don't match up, it means you have bad prints, and you will either need to mess about with them or need to get some better ones.

Then look up for tutorials on the web, your profile says you use inventor, so you would look up something like "modelling a car in autodesk inventor" using your favorite search engine, or just go to YouTube and a search there. Once you have watched a few of them and completed some of the tutorials then you can have a go. Also if your software modelling app has a support group, most do, then go and have a search on that, and even get pointers from others when you get stuck!

Hope that helps


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I have had a little experience of working with the stylist when generating a truck cab design. At its most basic level, the body is made up of a number or large radius arcs.

If you start with a block that represents the space envelope of the vehicle...

In plan view, draw an arc front to back that matches the body shape based on the widest point
In front view, again draw the arc which matches the vertical sweep of the body. Sweep this curve along the plan view curve and trim the solid.

Repeat this process for the roof line, the hood / bonnet (depending on which continent you come from), windscreen and the floor line etc. This will help you get to the basic shape and then you can start to generate the detail.
Sounds easy... I've never tried it though

The time I worked with the stylist this was all done by eye on full scale 2D drawings using tape and in a full scale hand shaped 3D clay model so I am confident that the basic shape can be achieved with the simple arcs and sweeps

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