How to create a solidworks package? (Not a pack n go)

I have many parts, assemblies, and drawing documents for a project im working on, other then Pack n go, how do I create a package. IE, one for all parts and assemblies, one for all drawings circled and boxed as indicated in picture.

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You can do it this way:
Open the drawing, and choose File - Find References. Copy Files, and choose the option to Flatten to a single folder. Make sure to also check the box to include Toolbox components if you used any.
Then you just set a path to a new folder, and all of the parts are magically copied for you!

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Actually, it looks like the File Find References tool just leads you to the Pack and Go dialog.
There is another way to accomplish this task with the SolidWorks Explorer program, but I never install it, so I can't see the steps to follow right now.

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