How to create a worm gear and a dynamic simulation


After creating a new report, see Proposal for Power Transmission panel -> Worm gear (Image.1)

It is necessary to define the actual worm wheel. You have the ability to determine the helix angle, the length of the worm, face width, number of teeth, the center distance, etc ... (Image.2)

After the definition of the worm wheel and the subsequent generation of point your browser -> Flexible (Image.3)

Now go back to the Assembly, where you select the Link -> Type (angle) -> Resolve (same angle direction). (Image.4)

XY plane itself snail "align" with the XY plane of the assembly origin. (Image. 5)

You just need to specify the drive assembly in a bind here define the beginning and end of the rotation, the length of the delay. Do not forget to check the box adaptivity drive! (Image 6)

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