How to create animation of assembly file in Inventor 2014?

I basically want to create a small animation of an assembly and show all four sides of the model (no moving parts).

It is fairly easy to create animation in solidworks but the process in inventor is way different than solidworks. The tutorial videos I have gone through perform it using the constraints, but, I am looking for something where I won't have to use constraints.

All suggestions, guidance will be highly appreciated.

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2 Answers

Para isso é necessário ter a versão Pro do Inventor.
No ambiente chamado Inventor Studio, crie novas camêras com o posicionamento desejado.
Crie uma animação dando sequencia e tempo de exibição de cada câmera.

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Its quite easy even in 2010 Inventor
Make an animation of each view that last 5 or so seconds then edit them together in Studio ( with cross fades or whatever you want)

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