How to create chain and dynamic simulation


The necessary components for creating a chain can be drawn as a single party or to download . Spacing between components of 31.5 mm. The first article will be anchored to the origin of the coordinate system . The second article (end ) " anchored " in the y-axis symmetrically to the initial cell, the height of the axis of 120 mm and the distance components on the x-axis 200 mm. After that, create a new component ( part) in the XZ plane , which outline the trajectory of the chain. Use the Project Geometry convert the entity to start and end the article. Here we will outline the aforementioned trajectory. When dimensioning follow the procedure shown in Figure 1 ( Roman numerals ) . The next step will be the definition of the parameter A1 (500 mm) , which we will use in the next step .

This parameter will define the dimension ( Roman II of Image.1 )

With a rectangular box will create a set of points leading the path created in the previous step. This field will define the spacing between components to 31.5 mm and the number of points on the 23rd Do not forget Orientation - > Heading 1 and Calculate - > Edit ! ( Image. 3 )

To complement the remaining intermediaries will use a rectangular box with component ( KN_03 ) , and an array of elements of a rectangular array of points from the previous step.

Bonds, which are the first step of defining the distance between the start and end component can be controlled and is also used to simulate the entire chain. Do not forget the additional option to select drive adaptivity ( Image.5 )

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